Read this article and discover why to choose online store builder (free of charge) over marketplace! Why are online store builders considered to be the ideal solution?


We can all agree that most of the customers have shifted from traditional and physical stores to buying online! A number of platforms utilized by traditional or brick and mortar retailers have significantly helped them in expanding and improving their business. The online sellers choose to create their own online stores with the resources they already have (skills and knowledge) or they prefer to list the products on various marketplaces.

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Today, a lot of entrepreneurs are choosing online store builders for building their own ecommerce stores and also a lot of website owners have transferred from marketplaces to ecommerce solutions for maximizing their sales and making a better profit in every possible way.

Choosing a store builder instead of a marketplace is definitely a better option, however, in some cases, making the right choice can be a demanding task. In this article, we are going to present you 3 reasons why you need to choose online store builder (free of charge) over marketplace:

  1. Give your customer a chance to express their experience – You have found the best ecommerce platform, however, this is not the only thing that can make your website successful. The customers will decide depending on the products you sell, whether or not, they will return to your store. Choosing an online store builder which allows users to share product reviews and ratings is a must. You need to give your customers a chance to express their experience and views.
  2. Keep your website safe and secure – The biggest worry for most of the online buyers is sharing their credit card information. There are so many cybercriminals waiting to attack meaning you must keep your website safe and secure and ensure the online buyers that their personal information is protected. The online store builders guarantee security on every step until the end.
  3. Marketing features drive new customers – The marketing is really important in bringing more customers to any website and the existence of any new ecommerce store is almost impossible. The ecommerce solution you choose should include social media and SEO features. Customers are constantly looking for fresh content online and having active presence can help attract new customers.

What is your opinion? Is it better to choose an online store builder or a marketplace to sell your products?

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